What We Do

Shining Star Enterprises is an online retailer ushering in the next wave of ecommerce. We grow quality products for modern consumers and develop innovative ecommerce tools and technology.

We are committed to helping our partners navigate international and domestic online marketplaces. Our industry experience and unique strategies have enabled us to become a top merchant on many platforms.

We are committed to versatility, adaptability and most importantly our vendor relationships. At Shining Star Enterprises our business model is based on mutual success. When we prosper, so do our vendors, employees, and community as a whole. Our partners have over a century of retail experience, and their energetic and progressive spirit is reflected in our growth, culture, and success as a whole.

When you partner with Shining Star, your priorities become ours. We function as an extension of your brand and work hard to protect and strengthen your reputation. We highlight each individual product and help grow your product’s review base. We drive traffic with multiform marketing campaigns and work hard to maintain brand consistency across all product lines.

Our Values

Our core values tell the world who we are, and motivate us to be exceptional in all we do, inside and outside of Shining Star.

You worked hard to develop your brand. We understand the importance of price stability, brand consistency, and product appeal. We also understand the value of true, mutually beneficial relationships.

Online retail strategists

We provide dependable forecasts to keep your product in stock, but not overstocked, which allows for seamless transactions with our partners and customers.

Give your Product the Exposure It Deserves.

Our ever-expanding presence means more eyes and exposure for your products and brand.

We connect your brand to our specialized teams, who draw from experience to transform the marketplace into a platform for growth.

Across the board, from logistics to content, to marketing and operations, you will feel confident that our processes are supporting your brand’s long-term growth.


Our mission is to deliver value.

Our first objective is to understand your brand’s vision, goals, and values.

Our goal is to develop partnerships with great Brands!

When you work with us, we will turn your brand into a Shining Star!

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